Social worker

Platinum Allied Health has qualified social workers available to help residents of the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, and Toowoomba. They are professionally trained to handle complex family situations like helping to improve a person's social and family well-being. Are

you a support coordinator who would like to engage a social worker for your NDIS client? Platinum Allied Health Australia Social Workers are generally involved in the more complicated of situations. Does your client have a complicated family relationship? Does your client have limited access to social supports? A social worker is a health professional who looks at a person's holistic picture and environment. They can provide a detailed goal-based assessment of an individual; where are they now, and how can we help them optimise their quality of life-based on their goals. A Platinum Allied Health Australia social worker is experienced in complicated situations surrounding mental health and wellness issues. If you'd like to engage the assistance of a social worker, don't hesitate to contact us further to discuss your requirements.

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