Occupational Therapy

Do you need an NDIS Occupational Therapy Functional Assessment? Do you need therapy equipment prescription or home modifications?

Platinum Allied Health Australia's experienced occupational therapists are ready and available to help. We offer a professional assessment of all aspects of your independence, including environmental, cognitive, language, and mobility. Platinum Allied Health Australia Occupational Therapists have developed a five-stage proprietary evaluation. In the first step, we provide a detailed assessment of your current situation. In the second step, the occupational therapist will complete standardised tests to measure the extent to which your injuries or illness is impacting yours and your family's life. Step three is a comprehensive assessment of activities of daily living within the person-environment. Step four is a detailed report to advocate for additional funding, and step five is implementation with a focus on improved quality of life. Occupational Therapy Assessment is an essential component of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants plan. Platinum Allied Health Australia presently provides occupational therapy services in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, and Toowoomba. Our Occupational Therapists are registered in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Home Care Packages (HCP).

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